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Meet Kateri

I made this blog to share my love for nutrition, fitness, beauty and fashion! First off, Hi my name is Kateri Dion. I am getting my degree in nutrition at Purdue University currently and also I am a model! As for the modeling part, I have picked up many beauty tips throughout the way. I want to share my tips to getting a healthy body and skin.

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5 Tips For Being More Positive

Wow. How MIA have I been lately? To defend myself a bit, I have been super busy working and traveling to LA for modeling. I also have...

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Green Collagen Paleo Pancakes

Hi! I’m back! It’s been a while, so obviously I thought I’d make healthy pancakes! If you know me, you know If I could eat one food for...

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Detox Vegan Salad

Instead of posting some sort of dessert or breakfast recipe, I thought I’d show you one of my favorite, super healthy & light salad recipes! This...

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PINK Superfood Overnight Oats

I always try to sneak in as many superfoods as I can throughout the day. Believe it or not these pink oats have green powder...

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My Healthy Easter ;)

Easter Sunday was yesterday and there was no way I was going to miss out on the chocolate, except the chocolate I munched on was raw...

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Superfood Maple Overnight Oats

I have been making overnight oats for as long as I can remember. It’s always my go to breakfast when I have a busy morning because it is already prepared! I...

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No Carb Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

These cookies are high in protein, zero carbs, sugar free and can be made almost fat free if you use PB2! :) The cookies are thin...

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Things I'm Loving

Sooooo i’ve been obsessed with crotchet and silk clothes for the summer and festivals. Andi Bagus has amazing crotchet clothing items and bikinis that i’ve been obsessed with...

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Workout Tips!

Enjoy your workout.  If you hate the workout you’re doing you’re never going to want to workout!Don’t over do the cardio. 30 minutes of HIIT is...

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Current Skincare

I really like to invest in REALLY good skincare products because I think keeping your skin healthy is very important. I have tried so many...

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