Workout Tips!

  • Enjoy your workout.  If you hate the workout you’re doing you’re never going to want to workout!
  • Don’t over do the cardio. 30 minutes of HIIT is more effective than 60 minutes of steady state cardio!
  • Too long of workouts can increase your cortisol, a stress hormone that increases fat storage and water retention. Remember QUALITY OVER QUANTITY
  • Eat protein after your workout to refuel your muscles and body :)
  • ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN. Doing 100000 crunches and ab workouts won’t get you super amazing abs if you’re eating crap!!!!!!!
  • Take rest days, rest days are just as important as workout days. Your muscles will get stronger!

  • Resistance training, weights, body weights, TRX (TONING exercises are amazing for a lean and toned body!) do more than just cardio!!!
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